Norse Winds Kennel

About The Musher.

Gunnar and I
I'm Brandon (Bud) Feringa. I am the owner and operator of Norse Winds Kennel and sled dog team. I have been breeding and running sled dogs since 2007, when our first litter was born. That's when I caught the "BUG".

Our team is solely comprised of Siberians but slowly moving to Alaskans for their speed and long distance capabilities. Alot of people ask me how I came into all this mess. The best way to explain it is to tell you... the movies.  As funny as this sounds I'll explain.

Kessie and Mia

I was at my friends home one day as he was telling me the story of how he came to find his first dog. Kessington. She is a beautiful and loving mother of some of my pups and all of his team. As i was saying he explained to me how he found her on the the side of Kessington Road in Cassopolis (thus her name kessie) along with her brother chasing traffic and pedestrians. He and his wife stopped; picked them up and searched for their rightful owner. They looked high and low. Without much luck they ended up keeping kessie and giving her brother to a friend.

My father and I had recently lost our Lab "Copper". My heart had a big hole that needed to be filled the way only mans best friend could. We came up with a plan: To mate Kessie with an aquiantance from works pure bred Siberian.

After all was said and done, we were 7 dogs deep and loving it. One night we were watching the movie"8 below". Yeah I know cheesy. That night we decided then that this was going to be our lives. So without Matt and Kessie I'd never be here getting ready to race my first race, finding my passion and my best friends. I hope you too can one one day get bit by this horrible "BUG" Thanks Matt and Kessie....Happy Trails.