Norse Winds Kennel
Well its official. I have to get out of mushing for the next few years. I have to go back to school to provide for my family. I am currently getting married in Sept this year and were getting our own house and looking to have a kid.  I really hate having to lose my best dogs, but my life is getting ready for some changes. I hope to get back into it after school is over and I've had a chance to settle in. I really want them to go to a good home where they can be raced because they deserve it. I only got to put a couple hundred miles on them, not nearly enough. I am going to move up north after school is over to better accommodate the dogs. I hope that one of you reading this will want them. It will really be a blessing if they could have a good home. I will work with someone on payments and delivery just ask me. Well I guess that's all that's going on here. Just a little bummed. Well a lot of bummed. Please check out my for sale page. I have a litter of pups we just had so check them out too....


Tara Lynn
02/16/2010 16:56

Please send me info to my e-mail about the dogs with pics! I'm VERY interested! Thanks Tara.

03/03/2010 20:03

did you sell your dogs yet was wondering?

06/16/2010 17:59

Wow... Brandon the dog musher and now he's getting married :) Congratulations on the upcoming nuptuals! Good luck with school and your future plans!


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