Norse Winds Kennel
Hey sorry i havent posted lately. I have been super busy with the holidays! Just to let everyone know we have pups for sale they were born yesterday night. There are six but we dont know the sexes yet due to having a very protective momma. lol. They are for sale and are located on the for sale page. pictures will be up soon.

 SO just to let everyone know we dropped out of our two races for the year. We have had nothing but problems with our logistics this year. my trucks 4x4 went out, the lighting on the trailer went out, puppies, heats, and about 12 days ago i almost got hit by some ididot in a deisel truck. The bad part is that i wasnt even on the road. he crossed over the road and almost went into the ditch. I have a huge tractor light that is definatly hard NOT to miss on my sled and he just shot for it, so needless to say i havent run in the past two weeks. Ive been just a little shaken up to be running so. Im on a break. I know the dogs need it but. UGH. i dont know.


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