Norse Winds Kennel
I just wanted to thank Joe from 101 Outdoors for their sponsorship and helping out with so much! Thanks again JOE!
OK, so I promised someone I'd show him MIKKO going absolutley bonkers before hookup. Check it out on my video page! You'll get a kick out of it! I have never seen any dog want to work this hard!
WOW! A job were you get paid for doing what we love! That is awesome!
BIG NEWS! We switched dog food and dog food distributors! We no longer purchase or use EAGLE PACK dog food from Mattawan Pet Supplies. Sadly we had to move on and expand our "horizons" as its so well put and go to ADAMS HARDWARE here in Lawton and now we are feeding NATIVE LEVEL 4 dog food. The changes have been made to our B.A.R.K. program page and in the long run will save us quite a bit of money due to having a higher kcal, protein and fat content. So we will see how it performs and let you know. The link to their website will be added also in links. Thanks for your donations!!!




I finally got the chance to actually put some mileage on the kids. We kicked out around 20 miles in two days this weekend! Its about time. Temperatures finally starting to drop to a workable temp. Its gotta be about 40 degrees before I even think about running them hard. I hope soon it hits 30 so I can start knocking out the mileage. They are really doing great. HopefullyIi can pick up about three more Alaskans before the end of November. Then I'll be in business! Im going to post a video of my wheel dog Mikko soon, he is such a nut! We have to hook him up last. You'll really get a kick out of why. I have never seen a dog love his job as much as he does. If we dont hook him up last he'll chew through the lines and let everyone else but himself loose. LOL what a great dog...